Support for a leadership programme in the waste recycling field in Peru
(Lima, Peru / 02.01.2014.)

In 2014, the Boris and Ināra Teterev Foundation began a two-year collaboration project with the organisation Global Fairness Initiative, which is implementing a programme in the Peruvian capital city of Lima in partnership with another organisation Ciudad Saludable.

There are approximately four million people living in South America who recycle waste (they are usually referred to as “rubbish collectors”) and 86% of them live in total poverty. Although waste is an important economic sector in the market, which brings revenue from big companies, only about 10% of waste recyclers are formally registered businesses, which allows them to benefit from the existing social security system, because they are competitive in the paper, plastic or glass recycling market. In addition to the economy, waste is a major environmental and health problem, because it is often incorrectly processed with the result that chemical and biological pollution enters the environment.

The leadership programme in the realm of waste recycling will help thousands of rubbish collectors in Peru to develop leadership skills. Waste recyclers will receive support in establishing micro-enterprises, cooperatives and organisations so that they can improve waste recycling and gain access to markets with whose help they will be able to increase their incomes. Programme participants will receive the necessary training in developing waste recycling businesses, as well as the organisation, health and safety of workers, as well as engaging the public in promoting the culture of waste recycling. In addition, work will be done on devising strategies for drafting legislation that benefits over 100,000 rubbish collectors or recyclers.