Philanthropists to build the Latvian Museum of Contemporary Art, 30.10.2014.
LTV1: A contemporary art museum will be built in Riga. 30.10.2014.
The unveiling of “Still Life”, a work by emerging artists Brigita Zelča- Aispure and Sandis Aispurs. TV3 News. 29.09.2014.
Unveiling of the work of art “Still Life”. First Baltic Channel. 29.09.2014.
First work of art unveiled in the programme “Art in Public Space”. LTV “Culture News”. 29.09.2014.
Premiere of “Khanuma” directed by Alla Sigalova. TV “Russia” channel “Culture”. 29.09.2014.
Boris and Ināra Teterev - Honourable members of the University of Latvia. Formal meeting of the LU Senate (from 1:27:40 to 1:35:30). 27.09.2014.
The legendary show “Khanuma” reaches Latvian audiences. First Baltic Channel. 25.09.2014.
Mikhail Chekhov’s Riga Russian Theatre opens the season with the show “Khanuma”. LTV7 News. 27.09.2014.