The historic chandelier of Berta Rumniece is lit up. 09.02.2016.
The Foundation of Kekava region is established. 08.02.2016.
The Canterville Ghost - premiere at Riga Russian Theatre. 30.01.2016.
Signing of new contracts of the programme “Come and do! You can!”. 17.12.2015.
Christmas offer in the craftsmen shop "Saulgrieze". 14.12.2015.
New variety of rhododendrons - "Teterevs for Latvia". 08.12.2015.
Scientists are awarded with the Grand Medal of the Latvian Academy of Sciences. 26.11.2015.
At public holidays, the elderly people of 18 municipalities received gift packages. 20.11.2015.
The Art Academy of Latvia awards the title of Honourable Member of the Academy to the philanthropists Boris and Ināra Teterev. 11.11.2015.