Boris and Inara Teterev visit the Botanical Garden of the University of Latvia. 06.10.2015.
Opening of the exhibition “A Bigger Peace, A Smaller Peace”. 06.10.2015
10 societies receive support for the development in theirs regions. 05.10.2015
International conference "Restoration and preservation of culturohistorical monuments. Theory and practice". 18.09.2015.
Closing of the cycle of 12 exhibitions "The Self. The History of Latvian Contemporary Art". 17.09.2015.
An authentic Japanese kimono performance “The Magical Kimono”. 14.09.2015.
Opening of the contemporary art exhibition “With seven-league boots. First station – Denmark”. 11.09.2015.
The “Motus Vita” offers help to sick people and their loved ones
Societies and foundations can get support under the programme “Come and do! You can!” 20.08.2015.