Ongoing support for community philanthropy. Summer Academy in Salacgrīva. 18.08.2015.
For the residents of Nītaure – broad options for putting their free time to good use. 14.08.2015.
The chance for handicraftsmen with special needs to sell their creations. 11.08.2015.
By taking care of animals, the quality of the urban environment also improves. 06.08.2015.
Exhibition of works by Elīna Brasliņa, a recipient of Ināra Teterev’s arts grant. 04.08.2015.
Philanthropists in discussion with the President of Latvia regarding their contribution to Latvia’s centenary events. 24.07.2015.
Andris Ameriks discussed the role of culture in promoting Riga’s profile with Boris and Ināra Teterev. 22.07.2015.
The growing generation of future physicians. June 2015. 21.07.2015.
“Magnetism of Provence” - the most visited exhibition during the past 20 years. 07.07.2015.