“Come and do! ABC” – a step towards receiving support for a project. 29.06.2015
Charitable programme “A Chunk of Bread”. Review of the 2014/2015 work season. 10.06.2016.
Even after the earthquake, schools are still open in Nepal. 05.2015.
Festive packages for senior citizens in Valmiera District, 04.05.2015.
A performance by the Auseklis Limbaži Theatre for local senior citizens, 10.04.2015.
Gulbene District residents’ forum, 08.04.2015.
Festive packages for senior citizens in Mid-Latgale, 02.04.2015.
A charitable kitchen in Sigulda, 01.04.2015.
A charitable kitchen at Avotu Street 41, Riga. 01.04.2015.