Gulbene District residents gather at a forum. 08.04.2015.
Ķekava District residents’ forum. 28.03.2015.
Social participation project “We CAN and we DO” in Talsis District. April 2015.
Neighbourhood workshop in Verēmu Parish in Rēzekne District attracts tens of local residents. 17.04.2015.
Radio Baltcom: Representatives of the "Motus Vita" society on the MixFM show "Spread". 03.2015.
LTV1: Exhibition cycle “The Self. The History of Latvian Contemporary Art” at the National Library of Latvia. 13.03.2015,
Charitable programme “Doctor, I can see well!” At Pļaviņas and Salas Secondary School. January 2015.
“Players’ Night” awards handed out. LTV Panorama, 23.11.2014.
Closing ceremony of the “Players’ Night” Latvian theatre annual awards. 23.11.2014.